An insight into our Ecommerce development services!

Ecommerce is the buzzword in today’s economy as crowded cities, too much pollution; long working hours have made it tough for young people to spend their precious rest time for shopping. Besides, the low overheads enjoyed by ecommerce companies have translated into deeper discounts for customers on branded products coupled with home delivery; something that they will not enjoy anywhere else.

Moreover, users have the freedom to log in from anywhere and any number of times into the portal at any time of the day and evaluate products, read reviews and compare them with other stores. Such freedom is not offered by physical stores where high pressure salesman ship prevails and limited time is offered to consumers to select, buy and leave the store as other customers are waiting at the cash counter.

Open source as a force multiplier for ecommerce

Given the fact that ecommerce companies are built through boot strapping or through internal accruals, they do not have large budgets for IT spends. And therefore, closed source proprietary technologies offered by Microsoft and other companies become out of reach. So, the best option for them is to use open source technologies that are a blend of economy and convenience. Even talent is abundant in the open source space as being free makes it easier to learn.

Shopping cart customization offers shopping cart customization services to its customers and even ensures optimization of landing pages. This helps in inducing impulse purchases and conversion of time spent by the customer into cash. Every company is different and so are its customers and a ‘one-size fits all approach is not the correct approach to adopt for ecommerce development. Some companies have different prices for different consumers and while designing shopping carts for such companies, we offer an option wherein the merchant can send an invoice to customers when it comes to offering special prices.

Ecommerce optimization

Optimization of landing pages consisting of shopping carts is important to get a high return on investment on the technology and marketing spends being made by companies. The ecommerce websites we develop are sure to offer you 10X results in the first  few months as we offer search engine optimization services also that will help you market yourself better on all search engines.Fast development times, testing and quality assurance  and lightweight code are some of the features of ecommerce web development services being offered by 360