Ecommerce: The way forward for the industry!

Quite rightly so; with the burgeoning middle-class population that is exploding all across the globe, the need of the hour is to develop robust scalable websites that can withstand the test of time and market. Ecommerce websites have to be designed to handle high traffic loads even during business hours.

Huge population of youngsters access these ecommerce sites from their mobiles or office computers during working hours and the success of online shopping carnivals held in morning hours on weekdays confirms the fact that the interest level is very high in these portals.

  • Ecommerce website development in India is picking up which is evident in the number of advertisements being made in online and offline media offering projects for agencies and individuals who have expert level knowledge in this field.
  • At 360Urbanmedia, we have a team of professionals who are experts in rapid application development and can build your store and have it up and running within a matter of hours. 
  • Add to this the fact that we offer one year after sales support along with development that takes care of any security or stability related issues that you might encounter in day to day operations.

Design of ecommerce websites in India has gained immense importance in today’s era as the world has become a global village and people use the web as a reference tool for communicating their ideas. Professionals who develop the design strategy of an organization are called developers. They are crucial to providing support to the brand building, marketing, event management and public relations functions of an organization.

Most business owners of ecommerce marketplaces know that users never read a web page, they scan a web page. This is an important fact that you should keep in mind while designing a page. Users do not read a web page, they usually scan it and the content of your page should be in an inverted pyramid format in order to display the most important content at the top with the less important in the middle and there after tapering off in a triangle till the bottom.

Usually there is a grid based format which ecommerce sites follow wherein they showcase their products. The highest priced products with fat gross margins are showcased at the top; each with a link to the check out page. Lower priced items from local manufacturers are placed at the bottom.

The techniques described above will give you an idea of how interesting ecommerce development is.