Google’s Mobile Friendly Test Judges The Website Along Objective Parameters

The internet boom started only a few years back, although the presence of it was ensured two decades ago. The outreach was restricted and only a few bothered to have something relevant there! The deliveries were also limited, but all this began to change when the social and economic synergism’s were successfully attempted there. Now these synergism’s are booms – social and economic both! There are social hangouts and the companies are busy making brisk business there. However, one more change is being felt and at an ultra fast pace. This is the use of the smart hand held mobile devices like the PDAs, smart phones and tabs for accessing the web matrix. Most of the websites that were available in the net started to suffer on the counts of resolution, browser experiences, navigation and interfacing. These are the gist of reaching out and engaging! Responsive websites are the new demand therefore so that the desirable user experiences don’t hinder in any manner. Even the web giant Google has adopted it Mobile Friendly Test to judge the suitability of the sites in an objective manner.

Removing the inconsistencies in mobile users’ experience

The responsive and liquid web designs include the conditioning of the software application, the aesthetics and navigation to soothe the user experience and above all, the ensuring of mobile SEO. The mobile friendliness has emerged as a factor with the search engines like Google as also the host clients which are in the dilemma whether to maintain one site that works well on both the platforms or to host two parallel sites – a general one and other mobile site. There are typical distinctions as between the two; and these include the navigation function which is to be fully transformed through the touch enabled icons rather than the hard inputs. The web page layout is also the next demand, and the same is to be offered as a liquid/ fluid concept that adjusts well as according to the browser window on the device.

Google establishes the bars for all

The Search Engine Giants like Google have come with their own test and the sites failing it are losing out in the mobile SERP as mobile SEO has emerged as the new specialized offshoot. Google has made its laws quite stringent and the web developers are making all efforts to deliver the results in favor of the clients. Well, either way, responsiveness will definitely penetrate at a fast pace if the viability are to be maintained. This way not only they will receive good exposure in the Search engines, but can also offer a better user experience over various mobile devices.