Know Why You Should Contribute As An Open Source Designer

There has been high requisitioning of the web design services as none of the socio economic entity wants to miss its berth on the web. However, the task of securing a viable place in the top most competitive segment of web designing has emerged out as more typical, complex and tough to attempt. For that reason, web design has evolved from the level of a service to that of a specialization and the dynamism shows no setting in. More of the web designers are entering into the professional domain of specialists. Simultaneously, there has also emerged a segment of open source web designing where limited arrays of designers dedicate their energies and time. There are vital reasons as why a designer should design for the open source!

Enrich your portfolio

Of the fundamental reasons as why open source designing should be attempted are the avenues for the budding designers to make their presence felt on a broader scale in the market. As already stated, the web designing market has got highly specialized in the current age and this makes the entry for the new web designers very difficult. Open source designing could serve as the free playing field for them and they could enrich their portfolio to a more vibrant one, specifying the real time projects they worked upon in the past few months.

This is a much better option in comparison to the non requisitioned redesign tasks that the new designers frequently engage in to make their resume heavy. These redesigns seldom attract the attention of the recruiters and clients who view these as unsolicited and hence invaluable as for the portfolio. Therefore better to engage in quality open source web design projects that are hosted by some firms as also the NPOs with a good and well canvassed objective.

Give something to the community and earn efficiencies

The other reason of why dedicate time towards open source web design tasks is that you will be giving to the community something good. Get attached as a volunteer for an open source design project and give to it whatever you have acquired in your web design training. Your crude skills would get polished through experience and if things favor you then surely your contribution could serve as the lead initiative for the projects and would be utilized by innumerable.

Earn through open source designing

Thirdly, you can also earn some part payment by engaging into the open source designing projects that are hosted by the commercial firms with particular orientations and objectives.

Lots of Open Source tool available in market below is list of some best Open Source Technologies are:

  • Joomla CMS Open Source
  • WordPress Blog
  • Dotentnuke CMS Open Source
  • Drupal CMS Open Source
  • Typo3 CMS Open Source
  • Open Cart Ecommerce Open Source
  • Woocommerce Ecommerce Open Source
  • Magento Ecommerce Open Source
  • Open Cart Ecommerce Open Source
  • Zen Cart Ecommerce Open Source
  • PrestaShop Ecommerce Open Source
  • VirtueMart Ecommerce Open Source
  • Shopify Ecommerce Open Source