Magento development: Your gateway to shopping cart success!

One of the best shopping cart solutions available in the market today, Magento ecommerce development is popular because it is open source, easy to use and offers great flexibility to users working remotely at client locations. Magento ecommerce is perhaps the best gift which open source technologies have given to mankind. There are magento developers in the market that have a sound command over Magento development and we at 360urbanmedia have ample magento developers at our command in order to deliver outstanding Magento customization services.

Fully magento customizable shopping cart solution

Shopping cart solutions are many in both open source and closed source platforms but few can match the agility of Magento. With Magento ecommerce by their side users can:

  • Customize the appearance of the shopping cart for each user
  • Wish birthday and marriage anniversaries through customized greetings, each time a user logs into the portal on a specific day
  • Offer complimentary discounts, freebies on festive occasions
  • Inform users via email over online shopping carnivals or happy hours being organized by the merchant from time to time.
  • Handle refunds swiftly.
  •  Take stock of sales returns, split orders, and many such issues that occur during day to day operations
  • Integrates perfectly with payment gateways and third party payment gateways being offered by leading financial institutions
  • Offers daily sales reports with analysis of the sales being made by regular shoppers
  •  Users can check their shopping history, last payment made
  •  Order cancellation is swift something which users admire
  • Specific offers are generated based on the profile and shopping history of shoppers

 With all the above features, you can see that Magento ecommerce is really the solution you need in order to really endear yourself to customers. Keep in mind that 20% of the customers usually offer 80% of the business as per the Pareto principle and Magento will help you take full advantage of that.

Magento support and training: Our expertise your advantage!

At, we offer full magento training and support for training employees of our customers in implementing magento shopping cart solution at their end. We will set it up once and minor magento customizations can be done by employees at their end. Being open source, there are no license fees considerations and companies can use the savings at their end in order to train their staff better. Once trained, they will be able to use it with ease and effectiveness.