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Open Source Technology

Open Source is a technology referring to software whose source code is open to the user which can be modified and redistributed without any prior permission. Open Source Technology is becoming a trend setter in the Geographic Information System (GIS). Any kind of programming software could be made from Open Source Technology like operating systems (Linux), Applications – mobile and web (Open Office, Frozen Bubble, and Barcode Scanner etc), Databases, Games (Fish Fillets, Bubbles, GLtron) and other Programming Languages like Python, Ruby, and Type script etc.

Open Source Technology Software is released under various licenses established by OSI (Open Source Initiative) which are Apache 2.0, the GNU general public license and the Microsoft Public License. Every license has variations in rules but the common rule is that the software should open to public for editing, modifying and redistributing. The other kind of technology software which is widely used is known as closed source or proprietary software.

Open Source technology in India is getting adapted in a healthy manner. The technology is actually evolving into great extends. We at 360URBANMEDIA are offering a wide array of Open Source Solutions that are customized for every specific need. We have a devoted team of developers who direct the core software development and make certain that bugs and errors are removed and fixed, new features and functions are added and the documenting and formation remains up to date.

Open Source Solutions

360URBANMEDIA is a committed Open Source Technology Company in India. We have many Open Source Solutions for our trusted clients. Our teams of developers are trained to develop customized open source programs which are simple to understand and alter. Today Open Source Software does not limit only to Linux albeit being paired by it indirectly. Few of the Open Source Technology Software we are developing in our wing includes:

  • Apache
  • Sugar CRM
  • Drupal
  • Zenoss
  • Mono
  • Magento
  • Pentaho
  • MySQL
  • Open Solaris

Apache: It is the most powerful web server and has more than 70 projects being developed under it.

SugarCRM: It is ideal when used to construct and engineer Customer relationship software.

Zenoss: It is an IT management group and is established to help you monitor and control an entire network.

Mono: It is Microsoft’s .NET technology’s open source accomplishment. It allows us to develop high tech and advanced server applications like Linux, windows, Mac ox etc.

Magento: Is an e commerce open source serving the community. Albeit being an open source it has a commercial license. It provides complete e commerce abilities like SEO, mobile commerce, catalogues etc

Pentaho: It is a brand company which provides free open source products to users to modify and use. It aims to serve the community by providing software intelligence at a much lesser price.

MySQL: Owned by Oracle, it is also one of world’s well-liked open source database software. It can work with any operating system and influences internet sites, applications and other tools.

Open Solaris: It is Sun Solaris operating systems’ X 86 versions. It has two distinctive aspects. One, it runs on not an expensive hardware and two, it has virtualization and ZFS enterprise components.








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