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Website Design

Website designing has huge and vast spectrum. It is an amalgamation of different skills and disciplines in the production and preservation of websites and is a major part of web development process. We at 360URBANMEDIA try to bring out most innovating and invigorating website designs to our clients which makes us the leading Website Design Company in India. We have a team of dedicated web developers who ensure to deliver the best quality websites and designs.

Today the digital world has become competitive. Everyone is trying to make a mark with their position and service in the market. And the best way to communicate with the outside world is through internet. There are hoards of Web Design Company in India, but only we at 360URBANMEDIA try genuinely to reduce the gap between the user and the company with our interactive and user friendly approaches to web designing.

We are the best Web Design Company that works on all the different areas of Web Designing such as:

  • Graphic Designing
  • Interface Designing
  • Branding and Advertising
  • Logo Designing
  • User Experience Designing

Graphic Designing: Our Graphic Designers work on different forms of art such as drawing, painting, photograph, pictures into graphical elements to communicate ideas. You see graphic everywhere today, in books, menus, pamphlets and even on chocolate wrappers. The two major tools used here are

  • Image based design and
  • Type based design

User Interface Designing: We as a proactive Website Design Company in India use different process to provide best UI designs to ensure deliver exactly what the user anticipates. The interface elements we concentrate on are input controls, navigational and informational mechanism and content.

Logo Designing: We have more than 200 different ideas of Logo Designs for our clients. Our creative department also involves in creating customer centric logos.

User Experience Designing: We, as the most promising Web Design Company in India, focus on enhancing and creating the websites keeping user’s perception at bay. We make sure that the user experience is completely optimized with our designs. The basics we focus on while UXD are visual design, usability and accessibility and information architecture.

360URBANMEDIA proudly declares that we are the best Web Design Agency in India which offers a complete range of website design services including;

  • Static web design
  • Business website design
  • Corporate web design
  • Flash web design
  • Responsive web design
  • Individual web sites
  • Mobile Website Design

Static Web Design: Static Web design is formed with the help of HTLM (hyper text mark-up language) tags and are simple to form. They are static, which means they are basic form of web design which cannot be interacted with and are not dynamic in nature. Static web design is cheap and cost effective and is best suitable for small scale business where not much communication is passed between the customers.

Corporate Web Design: Also known as Dynamic websites, they are totally business oriented and use cutting edge technology. These websites are made with the idea of a super interactive pavilion for the customers of the business. Suitable for all kind of trade sectors. We use customer centric style, with animations and multimedia. The main focus of corporate web site is to reduce the overheads of the company by dealing everything online. Best suited for e- commerce business and online trading.

Responsive Web Design: Responsive websites are the best among all forms of web design. The name itself suggests that the website provide maximum viewing and using experience. Our developers are craftsman of such websites. Responsive websites are easy to navigate and can fit into any device (tablet, smart phones, laptops and PCs) without adjusting or resizing the size. 360URBANMEDIA offers a wide range of responsive websites which are cost effective and also simple to understand.

Flash Web Design: We as the most committed Web Design Agency in India also specialize in flash technology that is a latest technology to design websites which requires low bandwidth, smooth interaction, loads quickly and works efficiently. Flash Web design focus on visual invention, integrated sound and uniqueness. Flash web design is also used for developing gaming portals and when customers are required to show demo.

Individual Web sites: These are generally categorized as personal websites, where an individual wants to portray his works, project or personal image. Information about you, your business and other personal data will be updated here.

Join us today to find one of the most engaging and interactive designs for your requirement. We are committed to offer you the best in the class of service with acute satisfaction. You will never have to think twice once you are associated with us.








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